F.A.Q – Frequently Ask Question

Still got a question? Contact us and we will do our best to answer your question you might have.
Telephone: 0121 558 9808

Choosing a Care Home can be an emotional journey for
you and your family and we are committed to supporting you to make the right choice for your loved one.

We have an excellent reputation which we work very hard to maintain. This means that we don’t always have a vacancy.
We advise that you call us on 0121 558 9808 or contact us to arrange a visit and discuss any vacancies.
We are here to help.

Yes, the team at Ash Lodge would be very pleased to show you around. You are welcome to view our home at a time to suit yourself.
Residents and other family members enjoy seeing new faces and we are happy to answer your questions.
We would request that you call and make an appointment.

Visitors are welcome throughout the day however we request that mealtimes are avoided.

Charges are based on dependency levels.
Please call on 0121 558 9808 or contact us.

The majority of our rooms are en-suite but not all potential residents wish to have en-suite facilities.
If rooms do come available that are without an en-suite, we do have a number of toilets/shower rooms and bathrooms in close vicinity.

It is a legal requirement that all staff are DBS checked before starting employment.

Staff training is very important to us. We have a fully qualified trainer working three days a week to deliver training.
All staff have an individual training program. We rely on our highly trained staff to deliver quality care.

Yes. Ash Lodge Nursing Home employs an activities person to work 33 hours per week.
All staff is trained in the importance of individuality. Activities are based around what our residents want, not what we think they want.
Activities are the foundation of the residents care plan.

Yes, we take both.
You can contact us to find out more information.

Yes, our Residents are encouraged to bring in their own belongings.
We have a trained PAT tester who can test the equipment before use.

Food is cooked on the premises by qualified cooks; all food is cooked fresh and to a high standard.

No, there is no need to purchase towels and flannels as they are provided by the home.

Yes, we have a great laundry service that operates 7 days a week.
Laundry staff are always happy to speak with the residents about any concerns they may have.

We have a mixture of male and female carers.
Residents have a choice of who delivers their care.

This would depend on the dependency, choice and capacity of our residents.

Staffing levels average Nurse, Unit Manager, seniors + 12 care staff in total during the day and a nurse and five care staff during the night.
The Manager ensures safe staffing levels and that they match the dependency of our home.

We have portable telephones that can be used in the privacy of your own room.

Yes. All of the above visit on a regular basis but should you wish to continue using your preferred professional then this can be arranged.

We have a passenger lift and stairs.

We encourage all potential residents to visit the home.
Join us for a meal, experience an overnight stay, ask questions, and plan your room and furnishings.
You will be met by the manager, nurse, care teams, maintenance, laundry and the domestic team giving you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

Yes, every resident has a pre–assessment before coming into our home.
Pre-assessments are used to establish the care needs of the potential resident can be met at Ash Lodge.
This gives you the security of knowing that when a resident arrives, the care package will meet their individual and
will be delivered by our qualified team of staff.

Yes, but we would ask that this is kept in a lockable draw.
We have a safe on site that you are more than welcome to use.

Yes. There is a newsagent opposite the home who is more than happy to deliver your preferred newspaper.

The manager, staff and residents look forward to children visiting.
We have lots for children to do whilst visiting their relatives; we have the garden, activity boxes, games, etc.
Children bring the sunshine into our home.

Entertainment is organised annually for the coming year.
The events calendar is advertised in reception at the beginning of the year and is implemented with our residents input.

We encourage representatives from all religions to visit.
It is the resident’s choice to join in or not.

This would depend on the individual. As residents are all individuals they have the right to choose when they eat their main meal.
A variety of food is served:
– Breakfast is three courses cereal, toast and a cooked breakfast is served daily.
– Lunch is a choice of two main meals and two desserts.
– Evening meal is a choice of two main meals with desert.
– Supper is a choice of light snacks.

We actively encourage you to bring furnishings to make the residents feel at home.
It is important to us that all our residents live life in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Yes, but we ask that you liaise with the maintenance operative to put pictures up on your behalf.

Visiting Ash Lodge Care Home?

Here’s some useful information.

Restrictions are around LFT testing, most of our visitors are now testing at home before arrival to Ash lodge, test results are required to be registered and test results shown to member of staff before entry. All other LFT testing is conducted in a POD and overseen by a qualified member or staff, POD visits are by appointment only. We ask a maximum of 3 persons per resident to enable staff to accommodate space, numbers can be increased with notice to Ash Lodge Care Home.

Given notice, we could accommodate overnight stay.

Children are able to visit.
Note: If over 12yrs they will need to do a LFT test.

Visitors are currently visiting in the Residents bedrooms, visitors are not restricted to the length of time for their visit.

We use a document called “This is Me” this is completed with the activity team and gives you an insight of each Residents life experiences.

Residents / Families are very much involved in the care planning, every care plan is individual to each Resident.